ATTIC Correctional Services

Attic Correctional Services, Inc.

 Types of Services:

ATTIC Correctional Services, Inc. began in 1977 as a halfway house for adult male offenders in Madison, Wisconsin. Since its inception, this agency has developed services to meet the increasing needs for supervision and treatment of correctional clients living in Wisconsin (and more recently Minnesota) communities.

ACS program goals include:

  • Providing offenders with structure and supervision
  • Promoting offender acquisition of appropriate social behavior
  • Preparation for offender self sufficiency
  • Emphasizing community / victim compensation for loss due to crime

Types of Payments Accepted:

Varies based on the program or service provided.

Contact Information:

James Mackman

Vicki Trebian

(608) 223-0017

PO Box 7370
601 Atlas Ave.
Madison, WI 53707-7307